Private Boat Lessons

What is covered in a Private boating lesson?

We will work with you to tailor a lesson to meet your requirements. Some of the things we are commonly asked to include in a lesson are:

  • Using a boat trailer and reversing in a straight line down a boat ramp
  • Launching and retrieving a boat at a boat ramp
  • Manoeuvring and navigating a vessel in channels, in confined areas and within a marina
  • Manoeuvring a vessel in different conditions such as swell, winds and changing tides
  • Estimating fuel consumption and passage planning
  • Basic boat and safety equipment maintenance, engine servicing, and simple repairs
  • The best time of the week to organise private boat lessons are weekdays.

Our instructors are normally quite busy on weekends teaching Recreational Boat and PWC Licence courses.

Where are the lessons held?

If you’d like to learn on our vessel we can travel to any public boat ramp from Lake Macquarie to Port Macquarie.

Alternatively you might prefer us to teach you on your vessel.

How do I book my private lesson?

You can call us on 1300 316 499

You can email us at

How much do lessons cost?

On Your Vessel  First 3 Hours – $500

On Your Vessel Additional Hours – $150 per hour

On Our Vessel First 3 Hours – $1,050

On Our Vessel Additional Hours – $300 per hour

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Klabautermann Enterprises Pty Ltd (ABN 74 657 087) t/as Klabautermann Marine is an authorised Nominated Representative of NSW FITC (ABN 64 002 693 281) (RTO 90440) and is approved by NSW Maritime to provide practical boat training and/or knowledge testing for the NSW general boat driving licence and PWC driving licence.