Marine Radio Course Long Range (LROCP)

Marine Radio Course LROCP Long Range Commercial Mariners

LROCP courses include all the knowledge and prerequisites for both Recreational and Commercial mariners to obtain the appropriate licence. The courses cover the rules and regulations, phonetic alphabet, protocols, fault finding, maintenance, call signs, frequencies, how to use repeater stations, using DSC and AIS enabled radios and most importantly how to correctly use and transmit by marine radio.

A Marine Radio Licence is required to operate a marine VHF and/or M/HF radios. This applies to skippers of both recreational and commercial vessels. A licence is also required to apply for a MMSI number for your vessel.

Either certificate will meet the requirements for recreational boaters or Coxswain Grade 1. The LROCP course is a compulsory requirement for a Master <24 and Yachtmaster.

Courses can be facilitated face to face in one of our classrooms or we can forward you the appropriate handbook to study at your own pace. Should you choose to study by yourself our friendly and knowledgeable marine instructors will be available to mentor and answer questions.

At the end of your course, or study, you will be required to sit and examination before you can apply for your licence. Our instructors are AMC accredited invigilators and your course fee will include the cost of the exam, your application fee and all the administration required to correctly lodge and manage your application.


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